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We understand that some clients require more than just advise, such as personal attention and sensitivity to their situation. In managing personal status concerns such as divorce, child maintenance, spouse maintenance, child custody, and restoration of conjugal rights, our experienced legal staff is empathetic and caring. We offer personalized, tailored advice and adhere to a transparent policy to ensure that the client is aware of all of his or her rights. Our services are both practical and affordable. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have praised us for our sensitivity and care in managing the situation.

Our Dubai family lawyers provide legal advice on all aspects of family life. We assist in the development of frameworks to protect family relationships and the resolution of conflicts when they emerge. Our team of expert family and divorce lawyers in Dubai provide legal guidance on a wide range of topics, including separation and divorce, child custody, domestic abuse, and inheritance - all with the utmost discretion, impartiality, and tact.

We assist expats with codifying their family relationships, rights, and wills in a Shariah-compliant manner. We assist in the translation of family agreements and arrangements into legal documents that are compliant with local laws and can be readily enforced in the UAE judicial system. We provide families with peace of mind while dealing with contingencies, from wills and inheritance to custody and guardianship.

Our family lawyers provide legal assistance in a languages, ranging from guidance and advice through dispute resolution, court representation, compensation, and ongoing legal help as needed, all with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for the family unit. Our divorce lawyers are not only knowledgeable about the law, but also about the sensitive nature of family disputes, and they work with family members to establish equitable settlements.

Please contact us via the contact us form, email, or phone for any of your family law needs, and our family lawyers in Dubai will gladly assist you.

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