Possession & Freehold Issues

Illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, builder delay in possession, family property conflicts, and real estate disputes under the RERA legislation are all issues that a property lawyer may help. Contact us if you need help filing or defending partition litigation, resolving a title dispute, or performing due diligence on your property's paperwork. 

Real estate is a high-value asset that is typically a very appealing investment opportunity. Because of its monetary value and commercial potential may become a subject of contention between the parties. Each year, a large number of property crimes are reported, and they are relatively common. New methods of defrauding naïve real estate owners, traders, and brokers are evolving. These conflicts usually emerge when one of the parties fails to meet their contractual responsibilities.

We serve you with a team based on the type and category of your issue and case, which can range from commercial and residential disputes to conflicts between sellers and purchasers. Our specialists and lawyers are prepared to handle all types and categories of property and rental dispute issues, from property transfer to mortgage and occupation rights. We offer legal solutions for significant construction projects and have a strong track record dealing with global construction companies, developers, suppliers, and owners.

Our goal at Maith Dalmook Advocates & Legal Consultants is to follow up on these issues to:

  • Try to reach an amicable resolution by pursuing a settlement.
  • Before launching a criminal or real estate case, send legal notices.
  • File a claim with the Dubai International Arbitration Centre's Dubai courts (DIAC).

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