Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation in the courts is one of the essential aspects of the legal service. Our team of notable local lawyers handles and conducts all criminal, civil, and commercial litigation in all UAE courts to meet this criterion. We ensure that our clients reach a favorable settlement by representing them in courts of all levels throughout the UAE and DIFC Courts and assisting business titans and companies in resolving legal problems. We have skilled attorneys and competent lawyers who minimize the terrible impact while the future prospective opportunities are maximized. We endeavor to provide our clients with the best legal solution to resolve issues and disputes, from creating legal documents to dealing with contracts. Our services include neutral fact-finding, conflict resolution, grievance-based hearing procedures, dispute resolution and consultation, discovery management, and settlement conferences.

Criminal Litigation

We have unrivaled experience prosecuting financial offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies in criminal court and police stations. With a high success rate, we have successfully defended clients in the most complex financial matters. Our attorneys have full audience rights in all UAE courts and tribunals.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

We represent and defend clients in many civil and commercial litigation cases, including those involving real estate, banks, and financial institutions, construction disputes, insurance claims, rental disputes, and labor disputes.

Tax Litigation

With over ten years of combined experience in tax litigation, ranging from individuals to collection agencies to multinational corporations, our tax litigators at Maitha Dalmook Advocates can help you get the outcomes you want. Our team has much knowledge of tax law and tax procedure law.

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