We advise and draft a wide range of commercial contracts, including joint ventures, agency, distribution, settlement, franchising, sale of goods and services agreements, memorandums of understanding, non-disclosures, partnerships, marketing, management, operational, insurance, and other related contracts. We also advise clients on various topics, including mediation, negotiation, contract creation, termination, compensation, liabilities, risk mitigation strategies, and jurisdictional difficulties.

Our staff has extensive legal experience, giving our clients well-researched and practical legal advice. Our recommendations are based on a thorough grasp of worldwide practice standards and the laws, culture, and history of the UAE as a multilingual, multicultural, and multinational society. We separate from the competition because we have a thorough awareness of the client's requirements and a laser-like focus on local expertise. Our attorneys work in real estate, financial services, retail, education, pharmaceuticals, construction, transportation, telecommunications, health, tourism, and hospitality.

Our lawyers are experts in analyzing clauses and drafting documents in a corporate-specific legal suite. They design settlement agreements, shareholder agreements, sale and purchase agreements, memorandums of understandings, wills, and other contracts with such timely analyzed terms that the clients' and drafters' brains are perfectly blended.

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We have implemented a business model that relies on providing quality legal services; this is accomplished by harmonizing our ethos, structure, and processes around a unified purpose: Client Satisfaction. Our firm is focused on meeting our clients' needs for a high-quality legal service model that is also cost-effective. We recognize that for clients, value is more than just a price comparison of service charges.

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